Psychiatric Services

Therapy Treatment for Substance Recovery

Our Approach

IPS’ evaluation process incorporates structured clinical observation and actuarial inventories to assess for both mental health and substance abuse. When needed, a Psychiatric Evaluation is performed by a medical professional to assess the participant’s mental health stability and a psychiatric medication treatment regimen prescribed to aid in achieving treatment goals.

Patient Focused

We provide individual therapy, group counseling, and medication management to our patients. Through the use of evidence-based practices, counselors help clients to develop healthy coping strategies, individualized to their needs. Patients and counselors work collaboratively on problem solving skills to address substance use and other potential traumas impacting mental health.

Our Psychiatrists

Our psychiatric clinicians are carefully selected because of their skill level, passion for their field of expertise and their commitment to professional excellence. Our entire team is dedicated to recovery and reform. We are able to respond to a spectrum of challenges and individual needs.

How to Enroll in Treatment


Reach Out

Call us at
214-331-1200 or email intake@ipsrecovery.com to make your tele-health appointment.


An intake specialist will identify your financial eligibility. At IPS Recovery, we accept most insurances and services are covered at little-to-no cost.


A licensed clinician will determine an evidence-based treatment plan that works best for you.


Begin your path toward recovery as recommended by your team of clinicians. Attend supervised virtual health appointments and complete your program.

Let us help you recover with personalized & flexible treatment plans.